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Samantha Peluso: Where Beauty Meets Artistry in Venice In Venice, Samantha Peluso stands out as a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, where beauty meets artistry. Utilizing the latest techniques and high-quality products, Samantha ensures each client receives a customized service that enhances their natural beauty. Discover your most beautiful self with Samantha.

Professional Make-up Artist

I am Samantha Peluso, Professional Make-up Artist, a lover of my work, now perfectly integrated with my personal life. What makes me love this profession so much is the passion for everything that can be called Art. I prefer to define and present myself as an artist rather than a makeup artist.

I never limit myself to just the make-up aspect, but I contextualize, I study, I create.

The whole must be in harmony, every single detail must be taken care of; I am a perfectionist. I focus not only on make-up, but also on out fit and hair style.

The Art of Being a Professional MakeUp Artist

After years of study, he began working as a Make-up Artist for important and renowned film productions, first among them The Merchant of Venice, in the eponymous city, on behalf of Crg International.

Born in beautiful Switzerland on October 17, 1971, Samantha Peluso is a true makeup professional. An artist through and through, serious and highly skilled, she is adept at enhancing all faces and, when necessary, completely transforming them.

Art in all its forms has always accompanied me in my career path

I began by studying at theAcademy of Art in Venice and went on to specialize at the Studio 13 Makeup Academy in Rome, always with commitment and dedication, always with passion and a desire to follow my love for art. To date, my resume boasts appearances in major and celebrated film, television and theater productions, as well as national and international events. Not only professional make-up artist, but also make-up trainer all over the world.

Everything that is art and is creative is part of my world. I desire sunshine in my life. Challenges excite me and I always face them with strength and passion; I hate monotony, whether in the personal or professional sphere.

Makeup and Hairstyling Service in Veneto Transformative Makeup and Hairstyling Service in Veneto by Samantha Peluso Introduction Elevate your style with Samantha Peluso's unparalleled makeup and hairstyling service in Veneto. Samantha's extensive experience and artistic prowess make her the go-to professional for anyone seeking to enhance their beauty with a touch of creativity and elegance. Artistic Vision and Professional Mastery Samantha Peluso is not just a makeup artist; she's an artist who paints with brushes and palettes. Her comprehensive approach goes beyond makeup; it involves a deep understanding of the client's personality, outfit, and overall style, ensuring a harmonious and flawless look. Beyond Bridal: Diverse Makeup and Hairstyling Solutions While renowned for her bridal services, Samantha's expertise spans various sectors, including corporate events, photo shoots, and advertising campaigns. Her ability to adapt and create stunning looks for any occasion makes her services sought after by individuals and companies alike across Veneto. Conclusion Samantha Peluso's makeup and hairstyling service in Veneto offers more than just beauty enhancements; it provides a transformative experience. Her artistic insight and professional dedication ensure that whether it's your wedding day or a special event, you'll receive a look that's meticulously tailored to your preferences and exceeds expectations.

Important Participations

Makeup services in Venice and beyond

In 2014, Samantha is responsible for make-up for other television film productions (the TV show Marco Polo and Kevin Granahan Television Production programs). He also works for photoshoots with photographer Ronny Kiaulehn on behalf of Epal Naturlich Qualitat with an exceptional testimonial such as Reinhold Messner. In the same year, Samantha is called by the famous London agency Lanza&Baucina, to participate with her Team of makeup artists and hairstylists to take care of the make-up and hair style for George Clooney ‘s wedding to Amal Ramzi Alamuddin, personally doing make-up for Anna Wintour, the Vogue America director.

In 2016, the collaboration with Lanza&Baucina continued with the marriage of Bastian Schweinsteiger to Ana Ivanović. New assignments for Samantha in the advertising industry: she is responsible for make-up and hair style in the Samsonite, Nuova Giulietta Alfa Romeo and JP Morgan commercials. Through which he has the opportunity to collaborate with such professionals as Marco Tronchetti Provera, Antonio Baravalle, Michele Norsa. In 2017 she collaborated with VE.LA spa, taking care of the make-up and The hair style of the Venice Carnival cover. She also continues her participation in courses, workshops and events on behalf of Kryolan Professional Make-up, Turkey.

Luxurious Beauty Services by Samantha Peluso in Venice and Verona Indulge in luxurious beauty services with Samantha Peluso, your esteemed makeup artist and hairstylist in Venice and Verona. Samantha's expertise and attention to detail provide an unmatched beauty experience that caters to your every need.

A continuous evolution

My life is always a continuous search, an evolution of decisions, goals and satisfactions. The passage of time fascinates me, interests me, makes me feel alive. Thanks to its passing I can have a different view of things, thus strengthening my personal and professional growth. I am driven by passion, and that allows me to love what I do. Each new proposal is a stimulus for me to grow, to continuously improve, where I can challenge myself. I began my career as a professional make-up artist, and today I can boast collaborations alongside world-renowned artists, as well as appearances on film sets as a make-up manager. I see and interpret my work as the creation of works of art, curated down to the smallest detail. I do not love to create just for the sake of it, but out of passion, the same passion I try to convey during the workshops I participate in as a trainer. From makeup, to dress, to hairstyle, I always study and perfect my works so as to ensure an excellent end result to be admired in its entirety.

Makeup and Hairstyling Services

Samantha Peluso’s professionalism and experience are tangible through the makeup and hairstyling services she offers both in Italy and abroad.

Samantha Peluso: Crafting Your Dream Bridal Look With an eye for detail and a passion for beauty, Samantha Peluso is Venice's go-to makeup artist for brides seeking perfection. Her expertise and personalized approach guarantee a look that's as unique as your love story.

Bridal Makeup Service

The make-up artist you’ve been looking for for your special day

Bridal makeup service is the embodiment of every wish you ever had for the most important and magical day of your life. This is not just a simple make-up appointment, but a complete experience that will transform you and make you shine on your big day. Imagine an internationally renowned professional, with years of experience in the make-up industry, dedicating her art and passion exclusively to you, making sure every detail is perfect.

With one eye on the latest trends and another on your unique personality and individual style, this make-up artist doesn’t just do your makeup; she creates a work of art that reflects your essence and enhances your natural beauty. The comprehensive package offers a preliminary consultation, during which all aspects of your desired look will be discussed, ensuring that on your wedding day everything will be exactly as you have always dreamed.

The Essence of Italian Beauty: Samantha Peluso in Venice and Verona Capture the essence of Italian beauty with Samantha Peluso, providing exquisite makeup and hairstyling services in Venice and Verona. Samantha's artistry brings out your best features, blending traditional elegance with contemporary style.

Makeup services for companies

Makeup and hairstyling services for video and photography shoots

In a world where image is everything, makeup and hairstyling services for video and photography shoots become a crucial element to stand out. Whether it is a corporate portrait, an advertising campaign or a special event, the visual aspect communicates long before a word is even spoken. This is why choosing professionals in the field is crucial.

Photo shoots, events and advertisements are not only the preserve of large companies but represent an important slice of marketing work for small businesses as well. However, many of these often find themselves unprepared when faced with the need to present a flawless image and do not know where to turn for professional makeup that makes a difference.

Well-executed makeup and studied hairstyling not only enhance the subject but convey a message of care and attention to detail that is often synonymous with quality and professionalism. Whether enhancing a model’s natural beauty for a fashion catalog, creating a special look for a music video, or making sure everyone attending a corporate event looks their best, makeup and hairstyling services are essential.

Profession Make-up Artist

It is no coincidence that over the years the courses I have personally designed and studied have become a benchmark for those who want to become successful professionals in the make-up industry, opening up new job opportunities in theater, film and fashion. Field work, laboratories, workshops and internships will enable you to improve your knowledge and sediment it, concretely increasing your job opportunities. If I got where I am today and my name is one of the most famous in the make-up world, I also owe it to my desire to study, improve and grow. Behind every makeup, product choice or hairstyle is a whole universe of exercise and study of the smallest details.

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