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Curriculum Vitae

Samantha Peluso: The Art of Being a Professional Make-up Artist.

After years of study, he began working as a make-up artist for important and renowned film productions, first among them The Merchant of Venice, in the city of the same name, on behalf of Crg International: it was 2004.

His career continued with many high participations in film productions, alongside the great masters, so that he learned all the tricks of the trade, made them his own, and grew personally and professionally.

In 2006 she collaborated with Mestiere Cinema as a make-up artist assistant for the film Casanova, shot between the cities of Venice and Vicenza. In the same year, also in the lagoon city, here is the recognition of Samantha’s prowess, she becomes responsible for the makeup of the actors in the film The Fakir of Venice.

An international career

In 2009 Samantha began working with Kryolan Professional Make-Up kicking off her international career, traveling the world as a makeup artist and trainer. She is part of the makeup team for Miss Universe 2009 conducted in the Bahamas, and is invited for the Cinema Today event, in India, in Chennai. In the same year, Samantha also collaborated with Inti Production Ltd. by taking care of the make-up and special effects of a video for

National Geographic

, presented by Voyager.

The following year Samantha is confirmed on the makeup team for Miss Universe 2010, in Las Vegas. In the same year he began to receive assignments as a makeup artist as well as hair stylist: he collaborated with Teatrul Masca Production for the show Venexia, with Filmgood srl, and with Some of Us Production for some commercials.
In 2011 she is called for another film production by Duende Pictures Production, her assignment is double again, as make-up artist and hair stylist for the film La Redemcio dels Peixos. In the same year she continued her collaboration with Kryolan Professional Make-Up, and given her experience and knowledge, she led make-up workshops and seminars in Mexico, America and India.

Samantha Peluso: Crafting Beauty with Precision and Passion in Venice Crafting beauty with precision and passion, Samantha Peluso in Venice offers professional makeup and hairstyling services that stand out. Her approach combines technical skill with creative flair, ensuring each client receives a look that enhances their natural beauty and reflects their personal style.
Samantha Peluso: Bridging Beauty Between Venice and Verona Samantha Peluso, your trusted professional makeup artist and hairstylist, now bridges the beauty gap between Venice and Verona. With her unparalleled skills, Samantha offers personalized make-up and hairstyle services that cater to your unique beauty needs in both of these historic cities.
Unveil Your Beauty in Venice and Verona with Samantha Peluso Unveil the true essence of your beauty with Samantha Peluso, offering exclusive makeup and hairstyling services in Venice and Verona. Whether you're seeking an elegant look for a special occasion or a stunning everyday style, Samantha is the artist to transform your vision into reality.
Your Beauty, Enhanced by Samantha Peluso's Expertise in Venice Let your beauty shine with the expertise of Samantha Peluso in Venice. Specializing in makeup and hairstyling, Samantha enhances your natural beauty with professional care and precision. Whether for a special occasion or a personal treat, her expertise ensures you look and feel incredible. Curriculum vitae Samantha Peluso professionale Make-up Artist

Samantha Peluso's professionalism is recognized worldwide

By now
is a true professional in the industry, and in 2012, in addition to continuing her position as head make-up artist for Kryolan Professional Make-Up work shops in India and Nepal, she collaborates with several productions. Promovies Production; Gagarin srl Production for the film “The Broken Circle“; Benetton Fabrica for a promotional video; Pentastudio srl for the Hot Bird TV Awards. The latter collaboration is also confirmed for 2013. During this year, she is called upon to be responsible for the make-up and hair style of signature events


for Cameleon Organization, and the film “Pizza and dates“for Mestiere Cinema.
In 2014, Samantha is responsible for make-up for other television film productions (the TV show Marco Polo and Kevin Granahan Television Production programs).

Events around the world

He also works for photoshoots with Ronny Kiaulehn and Reinhold Messner on behalf of Epal Naturlich Qualitat. In the same year, Samantha is called by Lanza&Baucina to participate and collaborate on make-up and hair style for guests at the George Clooney‘s marriage to Amal Ramzi Alamuddin personally making up
Anna Wintour
Vogue America director.
In 2016, collaboration with Lanza&Baucina continues with the marriage of
Bastian Schweinsteiger
Ana Ivanović
New assignments for Samantha in the advertising industry: she is responsible for make-up and hair style in commercials Samsonite, New Giulietta Alfa Romeo and JP Morgan, thanks to which he has the opportunity to collaborate with such professionals as Marco Tronchetti Provera, Antonio Baravalle, Michele Norsa, Silvia Falconer, Annalisa Bombarda and Roberto Zamboni.

Between 2017 and 2019, I had the honor of collaborating with Mastercard Italia, leading an exceptional team in designing stunning looks for guests at the Venice International Film Festival. This experience marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey into the world of high fashion and eventing.

In 2021, the expertise of my team was reaffirmed by
Dolce & Gabbana
, entrusting us with organizing the makeup and hairstyles for a memorable fashion show in Venice. This assignment further solidified our reputation in the industry.

Today, in 2023, I find myself at the heart of another significant event: the marriage of
Chloe Stroll and Scotty James
. My team had the privilege of taking care of the make-up and hairstyles, helping to make their special day an unforgettable moment. With each project, we continue to raise the standard of excellence in our field.

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