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Makeup Service - Your ally for video shoots, photography and events

After a long experience in the make-up industry, Samantha Peluso makes herself available to companies for innovative make-up service. Photo shoots, events, and advertisements are part of the marketing efforts of small and large businesses that often find themselves unprepared and do not know who to turn to for make-up.

Samantha Peluso is the perfect professional to perform a dedicated corporate makeup service to perfection and achieve amazing results. Not only fashion, but also photography, television, theater, and film: makeup is a key aspect in so many areas where it is necessary to enhance beauty and create a dramatic effect. Each make-up, depending on the result or request, is created with different techniques. To come up with something special requires a deep knowledge of the industry and great creativity, characteristics that Samantha Peluso possesses and has already put to use over the years between fashion shows, trade shows, photo or advertising shoots, music videos and shoots.

Venice's Go-To Professional for Stunning Makeovers: Samantha Peluso For stunning makeovers in Venice, Samantha Peluso is the go-to professional. With a passion for beauty and an eye for detail, Samantha offers makeup and hairstyling services that transform and empower. Whether it's a subtle refresh or a dramatic change, she delivers perfection. Make-up service for companies in Italy by Samantha Peluso Professional Makeup Artist

Professional Makeup Service for Companies

The makeup service for companies is specific and designed to enhance the beauty of the models (and models), but also to deliver important messages based on the context and theme of the shoot. Improvising is impossible if you do not know the basics and techniques, this is because the makeup required is very different from all others. In fact, the camera and lights tend to change facial features, and often the results are not what was intended. Therefore, it is a must to seek help from a good make-up artist who knows how to do photographic (and other) make-up, juggling different techniques. Intensity of the lights, special requirements, setting, skin type and aesthetics of the models are just some of the elements taken into consideration by Samantha Peluso who will be able to make reality what you have only imagined.

Samantha Peluso: Delivering Exceptional Beauty Services in Venice In Venice, Samantha Peluso stands out for delivering exceptional makeup and hairstyling services. Her dedication to quality and beauty excellence ensures that every client experiences the highest standard of care. For an exceptional beauty service that meets your needs, Samantha is your choice.

Samantha Peluso,
the make-up artist for companies

Internationally renowned make-up artist,
Samantha Peluso
has chosen to dedicate her life to make-up with a mission: to bring beauty to the world. Her passion for makeup, understood as an art, led her to make this craft the center of her existence. For years, he has been studying, creating, contextualizing, never limiting himself to just themake-up aspect. His strength lies precisely in his ability to give companies what they are looking for, thanks to his perfectionism and desire to always do better. He puts his soul into all his work, making sure the whole thing is in harmony and taking care of every single detail.

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