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The Ultimate Beauty Experience with Samantha Peluso in Venice and Verona Embark on the ultimate beauty experience with Samantha Peluso, delivering unmatched makeup and hairstyling services in Venice and Verona. Samantha's approach combines luxury with personalization, offering a beauty journey that is both transformative and indulgent.

Love for my work

and the desire to share my art pushed me to create the Crisam Professional Make-up Academy

An Academy that welcomes future Make-up Artists who dream of getting involved and discovering the world of all-round make-up. In fact, our make-up courses offer a wide range of specialized offerings intended for those who want to establish themselves in the make-up industry. Discovering a universe of professionalism, commitment and much satisfaction. With state-of-the-art teaching methods and extensive training, the teachers at our Makeup Academy are able to offer the best training.

Lots of interesting and useful topics to develop the profession of Make-up Artist

The topics covered during the course lectures are varied, all of which are of definite interest and aimed at developing students’ technical skills. They are structured according to a scheme that alternates theoretical lectures with hours of practice and exercise, so as to train competent and trained professionals on the various types of makeup.
will accompany you to discover the secrets of the trade, sharing her experiences and insights. Samantha’s professional make-up courses are a unique opportunity to learn invaluable and useful notions from an industry professional with many years of international experience.

Unlock Your Inner Makeup Artist with Crisam Academy Join us at Crisam Professional Make-up Academy and learn the art of beauty from Samantha Peluso, one of Italy’s premier makeup artists. Transform your passion into expertise under her guidance. Enroll now for a journey into professional makeup artistry!
Elevate Your Makeup Skills to Professional Levels Dive into the world of professional makeup with Crisam Professional Make-up Academy. Under the direction of Samantha Peluso, a top Italian makeup artist, our courses are designed to hone your skills and unleash your potential. Perfect for aspiring artists ready to make their mark!
Learn from the Best: Samantha Peluso’s Makeup Mastery Experience the excellence in makeup artistry with Samantha Peluso at the Crisam Professional Make-up Academy. Our courses, led by one of the best makeup artists in Italy, provide unparalleled education and practical skills. Your path to becoming a makeup pro starts here!

Then you will learn about the techniques used by film and entertainment professionals, between theory and practice. Film and TV make-up have no secrets for me, and I will transfer my knowledge to you, helping you discover the lights, products to use and secrets for a flawless result. Finally, classes dedicated to airbrushed beauty fashion makeup for photo shoots and fashion shows could not be missed. But that’s not the end of the story, because our Makeup Academy offers the opportunity to actually enter the world of work, working with the experts who have been by my side for years in professional studios

Valuable lessons for cultivating talents

A passion for the world of makeup has always characterized Samantha. Creative, professional, serious and curious, this successful Make-up Artist wishes to pass on her knowledge to all those who wish to join the world of makeup. Former director of theCrisam Professional Make-upAcademy, Samantha offers herself as a teacher of excellence for professional make-up courses. The class program is broad and well-structured, aimed at enhancing the technical skills and theoretical knowledge of all makeup artists. Samantha will take you on a journey of discovery into a colorful, creative and fulfilling world. The goal is to develop the talents of all aspiring professional makeup artists through classes aimed at learning all techniques, from the most classic to the most innovative.

Master the Art of Beauty with Crisam Academy Embark on a journey to mastering beauty at Crisam Professional Make-up Academy. With courses led by Samantha Peluso, immerse yourself in the latest techniques and trends under the tutelage of a makeup virtuoso. Your future in beauty starts now!

Samantha's experience serving students

Top-level training for future Make-up Artists: this is the mission of the courses offered by Samantha Peluso. Thanks to her commitment and dedication in everything she does, Samantha Peluso has managed to organize good and highly educational professional make-up courses. To become an experienced professional in the field, in addition to mastery of techniques, it is necessary to have theoretical knowledge and a historical background. For this reason, Samantha decided to offer wide-ranging lectures, including historical background on the use of different types of makeup, and practical exercises designed to test the concepts learned between the desks.

Elevate Your Beauty Skills at Crisam Academy Advance your makeup artistry at Crisam Professional Make-up Academy. With the guidance of Samantha Peluso, one of Italy’s finest, our courses are tailored to inspire and educate aspiring artists. Join us to refine your technique and pursue excellence in makeup.
Crisam Academy: Where Makeup Dreams Come to Life Make your makeup dreams come true with Crisam Professional Make-up Academy. Under the leadership of Samantha Peluso, dive into the world of beauty and emerge as a professional makeup artist. Our comprehensive courses are your first step towards a glittering career.
The Ultimate Makeup Course Experience with Samantha Peluso Only at Crisam Professional Make-up Academy will you find courses designed by Samantha Peluso, a luminary in Italian makeup artistry. Join us for an educational journey where technique meets creativity, and turn your passion for makeup into a professional accolade.

Professional Makeup

Often when people talk about professional makeup they limit this profession to the world of beauty, in reality it is a broad field that also includes theatrical makeup, pictorial makeup, body painting, and special effects. This profession has many facets, and by taking a vocational course you will have the opportunity to learn about all job outlets.

The work of the make-up artist on the other hand is in demand not only in the fashion industry, for photo shoots and fashion shows, but also by individuals, for ceremonies, by cosmetic stores, for product resale, and by theaters. The makeup artist may work backstage at events or TV and film studios. In short, a well-rounded profession worth discovering.

Not only that, by attending lecturers, meeting other students and working in the field with Crisam you can also understand what your aptitude is and where to specialize in order to expand your chances of success.

Step Into the World of Professional Makeup with Crisam Academy Join the elite at Crisam Professional Make-up Academy, where under the guidance of Samantha Peluso, one of Italy's most esteemed makeup artists, you will learn the art and science of makeup. Our curriculum is designed to empower aspiring makeup artists with the skills, techniques, and confidence to succeed in the competitive beauty industry. Begin your journey to a dazzling career with us!
Discover the Secrets of Makeup Artistry at Crisam Academy Unlock the secrets of stunning makeup with courses at Crisam Professional Make-up Academy, led by the renowned Samantha Peluso. As one of the leading makeup artists in Italy, Samantha brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insider tips to her students. Whether you're starting out or looking to upgrade your skills, our academy is the place to ignite your passion and refine your talents. Enroll now and transform your artistic vision into reality.
Craft Your Future in Beauty with Samantha Peluso at Crisam Academy At Crisam Professional Make-up Academy, we offer more than just makeup courses; we offer a gateway to a future in beauty. Under the direction of Samantha Peluso, a celebrated figure in Italian makeup artistry, our students receive an education that blends technical skill with creativity and style. Our programs cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced artists, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Join us and craft your own path in the beauty world.

Beauty Makeup Course

Classes will focus on 3 main modules: corrective makeup, camouflage makeup and bridal makeup. They are all interconnected with each other, and together represent what is commonly called Beauty Makeup.

Complete make-up course

A professional makeup course of the highest standard to become a successful Make-up Artist. Based in the beautiful and romantic city of Verona, the Professional Makeup Academy is the place where true makeup talents grow up

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