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Makeup Courses and Workshops at Crisam Professional Make-up Academy

An Academy of Excellence in Veneto

CRISAM represents a landmark in the professional education landscape in the make-up industry. The Academy, through its courses and workshops, offers the opportunity to learn advanced makeup techniques, both for those who wish to pursue this career and for industry professionals, such as hairdressers, who wish to expand their skills.

High Quality Educational Experience

The testimony of a participant in the beauty course highlights the Academy’s high quality training. The courses were described as fantastic, with an emphasis on the teaching excellence of faculty member Shamanta, noted for her competence, professionalism, and ability to be a key to student success. CRISAM not only trains on a technical level but also opens up significant job opportunities in the industry.

Why Choose CRISAM?

The choice of CRISAM as an academy where to perfect one’s makeup skills is based on the certainty of finding seriousness, professionalism and a high level of teaching. The facility is distinguished by its ability to offer comprehensive training, ranging from beauty makeup to specialized courses and advanced workshops. The students’ satisfaction and gratitude are testimony to the commitment and passion CRISAM invests in training future make-up professionals.

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The CRISAM Professional Make-up Academy emerges as a preferred choice for those who wish to excel in the makeup industry, ensuring first-rate education that translates into professional and personal success.

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