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Samantha Peluso: Crafting Beauty with Precision and Passion in Venice Crafting beauty with precision and passion, Samantha Peluso in Venice offers professional makeup and hairstyling services that stand out. Her approach combines technical skill with creative flair, ensuring each client receives a look that enhances their natural beauty and reflects their personal style.

My Art and Passion: My Work Experiences

In my journey as a make-up artist, I have transformed beauty into living art. From glittering runways to romantic weddings, each work experience has enriched my creativity. With dedication and innovation, I continue to enhance natural elegance, leaving my distinctive mark in the world of beauty.

Art in the Wedding Industry: My Portfolio for 2023

An Overview of Extraordinary Achievements in Makeup and Hairstyles for Exclusive Weddings


Introduction to Work Experience 2023

In the dynamic and fascinating world of makeup and hairstyling for wedding events, Lanza and Baucina demonstrated unparalleled excellence in 2023. La
our agency
has reached heights of success, taking care of essential details in some of the most exclusive weddings, particularly in Venice and Rome.

Dream Weddings in Venice: The Elegance of Chloe Stroll and Scotty James

Our adventure in 2023 kicked off with the fairy tale wedding of Chloe Stroll and Scotty James. This event, held in the romantic city of Venice, saw our team express their art in makeup and hairstyling, creating unforgettable looks that captured the essence of beauty and elegance. Our ability to enhance the natural beauty of the bride and groom has been recognized and appreciated, helping to make their special day an unforgettable experience.

August: The Celebration of Love by Garret Cayton and Ana Geoană

The success of Venice led us to another prestigious event in August, where we did the makeup and hairstyling for Garret Cayton and Ana Geoană’s wedding. Our expertise shined in this setting, providing the couple with impeccable service that enhanced their natural beauty and added a touch of magic to their most beautiful day.

September in Rome: A Wedding of Prestige

In September, again under the auspices of Lanza and Baucina, we had the honor of doing the makeup and hairstyles for another important wedding in Rome. Our expertise and creativity found fertile ground in the Eternal City, where we created extraordinary looks that blended perfectly with the historic and romantic atmosphere of Rome.

Conclusion: A Year of Success in the Wedding Industry

The year 2023 was a year of extraordinary accomplishments for us, marked by memorable events that enhanced our passion and commitment to the world of bridal makeup and hairstyling.

Shining in the Wedding World: A Portfolio of Elegance and Style – Work Experience 2022


In the vibrant wedding event industry, 2022 was a year of significant accomplishments for us, thanks to our partnership with the Lanza and Baucina agency. Specializing in the art of makeup and hairstyling, we brought a touch of elegance and sophistication to wedding events in the picturesque city of Venice.

Venice, The Perfect Frame

Venice, with its enchanting canals and historic architecture, provided the perfect setting for our beauty services. Each event has been a canvas on which we have painted our art, creating tailored looks that reflect each bride’s unique personality and style.

The Art of Makeup and Hairstyling

In our work, we have combined tradition and innovation, creating sophisticated hairstyles and flawless makeup. We paid special attention to details, making sure that each bride felt like the absolute star of her special day. The use of high-quality products and state-of-the-art techniques ensured that each look was not only gorgeous, but also durable for the duration of the event.

Beyond Beauty – A Unique Experience

Our commitment goes beyond mere aesthetics. We understand the importance of brides’ emotional well-being on their big day. Therefore, we offered a beauty experience that was both relaxing and transformative, ensuring that each bride felt pampered, serene and extraordinarily beautiful.

Conclusions and Future Aspirations

Looking to the future, we are excited to continue redefining beauty standards in the wedding industry. 2022 was just the beginning of a journey full of creativity, passion and commitment to excellence. With Lanza and Baucina, we strive to create unforgettable moments for each couple, making each wedding a living work of art.

Work Experience 2021

In 2021, the fashion and beauty world witnessed an extraordinary fusion of creativity, style and art, embodied perfectly by my involvement with FeelRouge Worldwide Shows. As the leader of a team of professional make-up and hair professionals, I have had the honor and pleasure of contributing to the success of high-profile events, elevating the aesthetics and image of attendees to new heights of splendor.

Key Experiences: Elegance Meets Style in Venice

A highlight of the year was our participation in the prestigious Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Venice. In this dream setting, my team and I had the opportunity to work with a variety of guests, each with their own unique vision and personality. The challenge was to create looks that not only reflected the magnificence and luxury of the D&G brand, but also enhanced the individuality of each guest, turning them into living style icons.

A Personalized Approach: Art and Innovation

Every interaction with our clients has been a learning and growth experience. We took a personalized approach, listening carefully to their needs and turning their vision into reality. Whether it was a bold, avant-garde look or sophisticated, timeless elegance, our priority was to ensure that each guest felt unique and special.

Results and Resonance

The results were stunning: each hairstyle and make-up was a work of art, creating a powerful and unforgettable visual impact. Our participation in the D&G fashion show in Venice received praise from both critics and attendees, further cementing our reputation in the luxury beauty industry.

Conclusion: A Year of Success and Learning

The year 2021 was a year of challenges, but also of great successes and professional growth. Through work experiences with FeelRouge Worldwide Shows and participation in exceptional events such as the D&G fashion show in Venice, my team and I have elevated the art of make-up and hairstyling, leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion and beauty.

Outstanding Work Experiences of 2020: A Journey into the World of Creativity and Elegance

The Art of Beauty in Advertising Contexts.

In 2020, the world of advertising and fashion saw exceptional talent in the field of makeup artist and hair styling shine. This year marked a significant turning point in his professional career, marked by prestigious collaborations and high-level productions. Among these, two experiences stand out for their relevance and impact in the field.

Moncler: An Encounter between Fashion and Nature

The first notable experience was the advertising campaign for Moncler. Here, skill in makeup artist and hair styling was key to enhancing the testimonial Nigel Sylvester, a well-known name in the world of sports and urban lifestyle. The production, curated by Shoot in the Alps Milan, took place in one of the most striking locations in Italy: the Matterhorn. In this breathtaking setting, the styling work helped create a unique atmosphere, where the elegance of Moncler garments blended perfectly with the wild and imposing nature of the mountains, resulting in a photo shoot of rare beauty and visual impact.

“Seat “After Sales”: Elegance and Refinement on Four Wheels.

The other major experience was with Seat for the “After Sales” campaign. Once again, the collaboration with Shoot in the Alps Milan led to the realization of something exceptional. The location chosen for this production was Saint Moritz, a place that evokes luxury and sophistication, perfectly in line with the brand image. The role of makeup artists and hair styling in this context was critical to ensure that every detail reflected the excellence and elegance that characterizes Seat. The work helped create a consistent and sophisticated image, emphasizing the prestige and quality of “After Sales” service offered by Seat.

These 2019 work experiences not only strengthened professional reputations, but also highlighted the ability to adapt to different contexts while maintaining a high standard of quality. Creativity, attention to detail, and a passion for excellence have been the keys to success in these projects, demonstrating how the field of makeup artist and hair styling is crucial in the world of advertising and fashion.

Portfolio of Successes in Artistic Makeup and Hair Styling – 2019

Turning Vision into Reality with Creativity and Talent


Movies And More Ltd.: A Creative Journey to Venice

In 2019, I had the privilege of working with Movies And More ltd, an experience that greatly enriched my career path. As Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, I collaborated with them on a major project: an advertising campaign for Tim Telecomunication. The challenge? Creating distinctive looks that reflected the brand’s unique vision within the timeless atmosphere of Venice, Italy. Every detail was taken care of to ensure that the models would shine in the enchanting Venetian locations, harmoniously blending art and technology.

Matches Fashion for Restless Sleepers: Elegance on Lake Como.

2019 also marked my collaboration with Matches Fashion for Francesca Ruffini’s collection, Restless Sleepers. This project, produced by Shoot in the Alps Milano, saw me once again in the role of Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, this time on the shores of picturesque Lake Como. Here, I had the opportunity to work closely with Francesca Ruffini, interpreting her vision through looks that enhanced the elegance and sophistication of her creations. The challenge was to perfectly integrate the makeup and hairstyle with the natural and luxurious setting, creating a dreamy atmosphere that reflected the essence of Restless Sleepers.

Conclusions: A Year of Growth and Creativity

2019 was a year of significant work experiences in the field of makeup and hair styling. Each project provided an opportunity to express my creativity, highlighting my ability to adapt the art of makeup and hairstyling to the different needs of clients and locations. This portfolio is a tribute to my skills and passion, a journey through my professional achievements and accomplishments.

Professional Portfolio 2018: Creative Experiences and Prestige Collaborations.

During 2018, I had the privilege of working on several projects that highlighted my versatility and expertise in the field of make-up and hairstyling. This portfolio encapsulates some of the most significant work experiences of that year, reflecting my passion for the art of makeup and attention to detail.

Sisley Katwalk Shoes and Bags: A Combination of Style and Color

In collaboration with the renowned brand Benetton, I took on the role of Key Makeup and Hair Stylist for the “Sisley Katwalk Shoes and Bags” event. The event was held at Fabrica, Benetton’s communications and research center in Treviso, Italy. My responsibility was to create iconic looks that perfectly complemented the shoe and bag collection presented. The agency “Model So Nice Ltd.” managed the organization, while the make-up service was provided by Crisam Professional Make-up, highlighting a synergy of talent and creativity.

“Chasing Love in Venice”: Cinematic Beauty in the City of Canals.

For the project “Chasing Love in Venice,” produced by Movies And More srl, I worked as Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist. This advertising editorial, shot by RED BULL Agenzy and filmed in the picturesque setting of Venice, required a sophisticated and detailed approach to makeup and hairstyling, in keeping with the romantic and historic atmosphere of the city. Once again, the make-up service was entrusted to Crisam Professional Make-up, ensuring a high standard of quality and professionalism.

Venice Biennale – Venice Film Festival 2018: A Stage of Talent

My experience at the 2018 Venice Film Festival, as team leader of Crisam Professional Make-up for Mastercard, was one of the most rewarding. Here, I had the opportunity to work in a dynamic and challenging environment, gracing actors and celebrities for one of the most prestigious events in the film world. This experience not only solidified my reputation in the industry, but also allowed me to express my artistic creativity in an international context.

In conclusion, 2018 was a year of significant work experiences that enriched my career path in the world of make-up and hairstyling, highlighting my ability to adapt to different creative contexts and collaborate with high-caliber teams.

Professional Portfolio 2017: Excellence in Make-up and Hairstyling

Prestige Work Experiences in the World of Make-up Artistry


In 2017, I had the privilege of serving in key roles at various high-profile events, solidifying my reputation as one of the leading figures in the make-up and hairstyling industry. Here are some of my most significant experiences:

Professional Make-up and Hairstyling Team Supervisor

Organization: Feel Rouge Worldwide Shows s.r.l. Event : Team Event in Historic Guest Costumes Location: Bauer Hotel and Westin Europa & Regina Hotel Make-up Service: Crisam Professional Make-up

On this prestigious occasion, I led a team of professionals in the art of make-up and hairstyling, helping to create a magical and historic atmosphere for the distinguished guests.

Art Direction for Photoshooting and Cover of the Venice Carnival.

Organization: Vela S.p.a. Venice Artistic Director: Marco Maccapani Make-up Service: Crisam Professional Make-up

In this collaboration, I had the honor of working closely with renowned art director Marco Maccapani, contributing my expertise in the make-up industry to create an unforgettable cover of the Venice Carnival.

Facepainting and Creation of Artistic Headdresses for St. Mark’s Parade

Organization: Vela S.p.a. Venice Event: Venice Carnival 2017

Make-up Service: Crisam Professional Make-up

During the 2017 Venice Carnival, I led the Crisam team in creating extraordinary facial artwork and unique headdresses, culminating in a memorable parade to St. Mark’s Square.

Personal Make-up Artist of Eva Riccobono

Organization: Vela S.p.a. Venice Client: Eva Riccobono, Godmother and President of the Jury for “The Best Carnival Mask” Make-up Service: Crisam Professional Make-up

Having had the opportunity to work as a personal make-up artist for actress and supermodel Eva Riccobono was a highlight of my career, demonstrating my talent for enhancing natural beauty and elegance.

Team Leader for the Venice Biennale – Venice Film Festival 2017

Client: Mastercard Make-up Service: Crisam Professional Make-up

In 2017, I had the important assignment of leading the Crisam Professional Make-up team for the prestigious Venice Film Festival, an event that demands a level of excellence and precision unique in the industry.

These experiences represent only a part of my professional journey, reflecting my passion, dedication and skills in the world of the art of make-up and hairstyling.

Work Experience 2016

The Art of Makeup in Iconic Places

2016 was a year of significant accomplishments in my professional journey as a make-up artist, marked by exciting projects and prestigious collaborations.

Carnival of Venice: A Touch of Magic at the Danieli

The Venice Carnival marked the beginning of the year with a historic makeup and beauty service for clients housed in the luxurious Hotel Danieli and the Historic Palace of Venice. My participation as part of the Crisam Professional Make-up team made this an unforgettable experience.

Television and Finance: A Combination of Style

In the television industry, I had the privilege of working for Kevin Granahan’s production, providing key make-up and hairstyling services for guests such as Marco Tronchetti Provera, Antonio Baravalle and Michele Norsa in a web editorial video for JP Morgan, shot between Milan and Turin.

Italian Wedding: Beauty and Elegance

My collaboration with the My Italian Wedding Planner agency was another highlight of the year. As lead make-up artist, I worked alongside photographers Silvia Falconer and Annalisa Bombarda for a wedding photo shoot in Verona, enhancing the natural beauty and elegance of the bride and groom.

Automotive Publishing: Spotlight on Giulietta

Roberto Zamboni Production involved me in the editorial project for the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta. I curated the make-up of testimonial Federica Pellegrini, helping to create a sophisticated and eye-catching image for the brand, in a striking location in Cerea, VR.

Samsonite: Traveling in Style

With 360 Degrees Production, I had the honor of working for Samsonite, curating make-up and hairstyle for an advertising and editorial campaign produced by Caviar Brussels. This experience brought me to Venice, where I was able to express my creativity in the world of fashion and travel.

Television and Glamour: HOT BIRDTV AWARDS

Finally, for Pentastudio srl, I provided key make-up and hairstyling services for presenters, singers and guests during the HOT BIRDTV AWARDS on the SKY channel, in Milan. This occasion closed the year with a touch of glamour and brilliance, reflecting the versatility and passion that characterize my work.

Each project provided a unique opportunity to express my art, helping to create unforgettable moments and iconic images. 2016 was a year that solidified my reputation as a talented and versatile make-up artist.

Portfolio of Work Experience in the Events Industry (2015)

Lanza & Baucina Event Production – A Success Story

Make-Up Artist for Celebrities and Prestige Events

In 2015, I had the honor of working with the renowned Lanza & Baucina Event Production, an experience that greatly enriched my career path in the field of artistic make-up. My role in several high-profile events has highlighted my ability to offer superior makeup services suitable for exclusive settings and internationally renowned clients.

Nicole Scherzinger at Private Party in Venice

One of the most memorable events was the private party held in the striking Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice, where I had the privilege of being the make-up artist for the famous singer and dancer Nicole Scherzinger.

Wedding of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanovic

Another highlight in my career was attending the wedding of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanovic, held at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice. As the supervisor of make-up and hairstyling services, I coordinated a team of professionals to ensure that every wedding guest had the perfect look. This experience further solidified my reputation as a trusted make-up artist for major events.

Carnival of Venice – A Dive into History

Finally, my participation in the Venice Carnival was an extraordinary experience. At the Danieli Hotel and other historical palaces in Venice, I and my team provided historical make-up and beauty services to clients, immersing them in the magical atmosphere of Carnival. Thanks to my expertise, I was able to recreate authentic looks that reflected the tradition and elegance of the Venetian Carnival.

In summary, 2015 was a year of success and professional growth, thanks to my work experiences with Lanza & Baucina Event Production, which allowed me to demonstrate my versatility and expertise in the field of artistic make-up.

Professional Portfolio 2014: A Journey into the Work Experiences of a Make-Up Expert

The Art of Makeup and Hairstyling in High Profile Productions.

Lanza & Baucina Event Production: The Wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

In the role of Make-Up Supervisor and Hairstylist, I had the honor of leading the Personal Service Team for the wedding event of the year. Among the main responsibilities, I was in charge of the make-up and hairstyling service at the prestigious Hotel Cipriani in Venice, Italy. A career highlight of mine was providing personal make-up service to Anna Wintour, using exclusive products from Crisam Professional Make-Up.

Ronny Kiaulehn, Photographer Publishing and Publicity with Reinhold Messner

As Key Make-Up and Hair Style Manager, I collaborated with Ronny Kiaulehn in creating editorial and advertising images. Working in Naturno, Italy, I used my expertise to enhance the charismatic figure of Reinhold Messner, employing Crisam professional products.

Kevin Granahan, Television Production World Live Broadcast QVC, Italy-USA

In the role of Make-Up and Hair Style Department Head, I supervised the creation of looks for models in QVC’s LIVE broadcasts between Italy and the US. The production, managed by Kevin Granahan in Galzignano, Italy, required mastery in creating eye-catching styles for an international audience, again with the support of Crisam Professional Make-Up.

360 Degrees Cinema Production, Venice Television Series: Marco Polo

As Head of the Italian Make-Up Department, I led the team for the famous TV series “Marco Polo.” The filming, which took place between Malaysia (Pinewood Iskandar Studio) and Kazakhstan (Abigul Production), based in Venice, highlighted my ability to adapt to multicultural contexts.

Carnival of Venice Historical and Beauty Make-Up Service

During the Venice Carnival, I offered historic make-up and beauty services to clients at the Hotel Danieli and historic Venetian palaces. This experience allowed me to demonstrate my versatility in recreating period styles, enriching the unique atmosphere of Carnival.

In conclusion, 2014 was a year of success and professional growth, marked by experiences that enhanced my passion and expertise in the world of make-up and hairstyling.

A Creative Journey into the World of Makeup and Hairstyling: Work Experiences 2013


Pentastudio Ltd. and Television

In 2013, Pentastudio srl chose me as the Principal Make-up and Hairstyling Artist for the TV production in Vicenza, Italy. During the HOT BIRDTV AWARDS broadcast on SKY CHANNEL, I had the privilege of doing make-up and hairstyling for presenters, singers and guests. My art was expressed through the products of Crisam Professional Make-up, in a dream location: Venice.

Far Out Film and Mestiere Cinema

My adventure continued with Far Out Film and Mestiere Cinema Production, where I was given responsibility for the Make-up and Hairstyling Department. I worked closely with actors, creating unique looks for the production of the film “Pizza and Dates,” directed by Fariborz Kamkari. My creations came to life in the historic streets of Venice, Italy, always with confidence in Crisam Professional Make-up products.

Venice Carnival

Another important chapter in 2013 was the Venice Carnival. Here I offered historical make-up and beauty services for clients of the Hotel Danieli and the Historic Palaces of Venice. This experience allowed me to explore the art of makeup in a unique historical and cultural context, again with the support of Crisam Professional Make-up.

Dolce & Gabbana Cosmetics

My artistic journey has reached another milestone with Dolce & Gabbana Cosmetics. As Make-up and Hairstyling Team Supervisor, I oversaw the make-up and hairstyling image for D&G clients. This role, held at the Hilton Mulino Stucky Hotel in Venice, allowed me to collaborate with the Cameleon Organization agency in Switzerland, always maintaining excellence through Crisam Professional Make-up products.

These 2013 experiences reflect my passion and dedication in the world of makeup and hairstyling, demonstrating my ability to adapt and excel in a variety of creative settings.

The Mosaic of Work Experiences: From Set to Make-up School

Cinema Work Experience: The Other Film Distribution

My career as a make-up artist kicked off with a collaboration in “Soledad,” a film work by Luis Nero. Here, my work experiences focused on creating looks in keeping with the unique tone of the film, enhanced by the presence of Philippe Leroy as a special guest, in Padua, Italy.

On the Global Stage: Sky Channel

The experience with Sky Channel during the Hot Bird TV Awards, managed by Pentastudio srl, allowed me to put my working skills as a Key Makeup Artist and Hairstylist into practice. Working with presenters, singers and guests in the historic Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice, I had the opportunity to show my versatility and creativity.

Education and Innovation: Kryolan Professional Make-up

My role as make-up artist and trainer for Berlin-based Kryolan Professional Make-up has taken me to Chennai, India, and Kathmandu, Nepal. Here, my work experiences evolved through conducting workshops and seminars, blending practical skills with teaching.

Creative Entrepreneurship

Crisam Professional Make-up Academy
was a significant chapter in my work experiences. Starting the professional make-up academy and make-up service together with Cristian D. Letu was the result of years of dedication and passion in the industry.

Innovation in Make-up: International Intrigue Production

Working on Sara Revoltella’s “The Broken Circle,” in Padua, Italy, was an important work experience in the field of special effects. This assignment allowed me to explore new artistic and technical frontiers in make-up.

Art on Set: Duende Pictures Production

Concluding a decade full of work experiences, my participation in “La Redemcio dels Peixos” with Duende Pictures in Venice as Key Make-up and Hairstylist was the culmination of a professional journey of growth and success in the world of artistic make-up.

In these varied work experiences, I have been able to express my art in different contexts, always with the goal of elevating the quality and uniqueness of each project in which I have participated.

Plots of Color and Creativity: My Journey into the World of Make-up

Dawn of a Career: Kryolan and the Discovery of New Cultures.

My adventure in the world of make-up also continues when I join the Kryolan Professional Make-up team. This experience turns out to be a true cultural journey, taking me to explore and work in fascinating places such as Mexico, America, and India. In each destination, I absorb local influences, blending them with my own style to create unique works of art on my clients’ faces.

The Magic of the Venice Carnival: An Artistic Challenge

My path then takes me to one of the most iconic events in the world: the Venice Carnival. Here, I offer my make-up services at the Danieli Hotel and in various historic Venetian palaces. This experience stands out for its demand for balance between historical accuracy and aesthetic innovation, challenging my creativity and allowing me to express my art in new and surprising ways.

A Decade of Experience: Growth and Transformation

Looking back on this decade, I realize how much each project has helped shape my artistic identity. I have had the opportunity to work in different settings, from fashion shows to training seminars, always learning something new and taking that knowledge with me into each new experience. This journey has not only been a professional journey, but also a personal journey of discovery and artistic growth.

In conclusion, my 2011 portfolio represents a key chapter in my journey in the world of make-up, a period marked by passion, creativity and a constant desire to explore new artistic frontiers.

A Decade of Creativity and Innovation: Portfolio 2010

Work Experience in the World of Make-Up and Hairstyling

2010 was a significant year in my career as a make-up artist and hair stylist, marked by prestigious collaborations and innovative projects that have left an indelible imprint on the fashion, advertising and entertainment industries.

Some of Us Production: The Art in Make-Up for Television

At Some of Us Production, I took a crucial role as a key make-up artist and hair stylist for actors in commercials for clients such as Esso. Working in picturesque Venice, I combined art and creativity, enhancing every detail of the TV image.

Filmgood Ltd: Style and Elegance in Backstage

In Venice, with Filmgood srl, I managed make-up and hairstyling for the actors in the Roncato Suitcase commercials, helping to create an elegant and professional atmosphere on set.

Masca Theatre: The Theatrical Transformation

At the Masca Theatre in Romania, I worked in the performance of “La Venexiana” directed by Michele Modesto Casarin, where my work as a makeup artist and hairstylist contributed to the stage transformation of the actors.

Kryolan Professional Make-up: From Catwalk to Seminar

My role at Kryolan Professional Make-up has been multifaceted: as an official make-up artist in the Miss Universe 2010 event in Las Vegas and as a trainer in film seminars in India, I have demonstrated versatility and expertise in the field.

The Carnival of Venice: Magic and History

During the Venice Carnival, I provided make-up services, specializing in historical makeup and beauty, working in prestigious locations such as the Hotel Danieli and Venice’s historic palaces.

Visivastudio and Soloprod: Advertising Meets Beauty

I worked with Visivastudio and Soloprod in Italy, where I applied my skills as a make-up artist and hair stylist in advertising campaigns for clients such as Cafiero and in fashion shows in Sweden.

360°Degrees and Kevin Granahan Television Production.

In Italy, I worked in advertising for Berloni and as a make-up artist for medical conferences for WEB MD, demonstrating my ability to adapt to different contexts and needs.

CRG International: Creativity Beyond Boundaries

My experience with CRG International for the Fly Baboo advertisement in Geneva and my collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi in Venice were the culmination of my creativity and technical skills in the field.

Conclusion: A Year of Successes and Innovations

This 2010 portfolio is not just a collection of projects, but a reflection of a career studded with successes, innovations and an inexhaustible passion for the art of make-up and hairstyling. Each work experience has helped shape my professional identity, making me a benchmark in the industry.

A Journey Between Luster and Shades

A Year of Amazing Successes

2009 was a year of milestones for my career as a make-up artist. This portfolio is a vivid record of my work experiences, reflecting my commitment to excellence and creativity.

Oltrex 4m Spa: The Magic of Venice

As Melissa Porter’s personal make-up artist, I had the privilege of working at the “Hot Bird TV Awards” ceremony in Venice. This experience not only enhanced my skill in the art of makeup, but also strengthened my ability to work in high-profile environments.

Kevin Granahan Television Production: A Touch of Class

Working with Kevin Granahan Television Production for the WEB MD medical conference in Venice was another pivotal moment in my career. Here, I demonstrated my expertise in creating professional looks that complement the corporate environment.

Utopia Production: Stories of Venice

My participation in Utopia Production’s docufiction “The Vampire of Venice” for National Geographic and Voyager was a fascinating adventure. As a make-up artist and hair stylist, I have helped bring historical figures to life, demonstrating versatility and creativity.

Miss Universe 2009: In the Spotlight

Working as a professional make-up artist for Kryolan at the Miss Universe 2009 event was an honor. Collaborating with Kryolan, an official cosmetics sponsor, allowed me to exhibit my skill in the art of fashion makeup to a global audience.

Venice Carnival: A Triumph of Colors

At the Venice Carnival, I offered make-up services, specializing in historical and beauty makeup. Working in prestigious locations such as the Hotel Danieli and the Historic Palace was an unforgettable experience.

Ronny Kiaulehn Photography: Images That Speak

My collaboration with Ronny Kiaulehn for the advertising of Modyf and Moser Medical professional clothes highlighted my ability to create looks that enhance both the model and the product.

Yoko Ono Exhibition: An Encounter with the Icòna

Being Yoko Ono’s personal make-up artist during the press conference for the “Anton’s memory” exhibition was an enriching experience in my professional career, demonstrating my ability to work with prominent figures in the art world.

Le Vision Production and CPD Fashion Katwalk: Telling Stories Through Makeup.

Working with Le Vision Production for the docu-fiction “Veronica Franco” and for Kryolan Professional Make-up at the International Trade Show in Dusseldorf emphasized my flexibility and expertise in the industry. In conclusion, 2009 was a year of significant growth and achievements.

Each project helped further refine my art in make-up, allowing me to express my passion through brushes and colors.

Between Makeup and Comb: A Creative Journey into the World of Advertising and Cinema

A Portfolio of Work Experience in Make-up and Hair Styling (2008)

The career of a make-up artist and hair stylist is a mosaic of encounters, creativity and challenges. This 2007 portfolio presents a journey through different work experiences, each telling a unique story of art and fashion.

Advertising and Fashion: Visual Creations

  • Modyf Professional Clothes, 2009/2010 Collection Location: Bolzano, Italy. A design that blended professional aesthetics with a modern twist, highlighting the elegance of professional attire.
  • David Jones – Saatchi&Sidney Date: 27-11-08. Location: Venice, Italy. A prestigious assignment, where I had the opportunity to work in a breathtaking setting, contributing to the creative vision of a renowned agency.

International Experiences and Festivals

  • Venice Film Festival, Rai Radio Televisione Italiana Location: Hotel Excelsior, Venice Lido, Italy. At the center of the film scene, I took care of the appearance of celebrities and journalists, such as Margherita Ferrandino, at one of the most glamorous events in Europe.
  • Inauguration of the Venice Film Festival, Dias Decine Spanish Television Location: Venice Lido, Italy. I had the honor of working with journalist Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, adding a touch of beauty to the prestigious event.

Theater and Culture

  • C.I. Italian Cultural Club Event: “Venice and Italian Culture.” Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. A theatrical performance that required a unique approach to blend tradition and innovation.

Collaborations with Major Brands

  • Kryolan Professional Make-up Events: Music Oscar “Echo” in Berlin, Germany; and CPD Fashion Show Düsseldorf, Germany. Working with Kryolan has meant joining a world-renowned brand, bringing creativity and perfection to every detail.

This portfolio is more than just a collection of work; it is a travelogue through beauty and art, demonstrating the importance of work experiences in shaping a complete artist. From Venice to Berlin, each experience was a step in my professional journey, combining passion, art and commitment.

Professional Portfolio 2007: Artistic Journey in Make-up and Hair Styling

The Art of Make-up and Hair Styling in the World of Film and Advertising

Film Experiences in Venice

2007 was a year of significant film collaborations in Venice. I worked as a Make-up artist and Hair stylist on the film “Die Liebe ein Traum” directed by Xaver Schwarzenberger, an opportunity that allowed me to explore new artistic frontiers. Later, I was involved in the project “Mojito,” a short film directed by Stefano Bruno, where I served as key make-up artist and hair stylist. The experience was enhanced by working with the Mestiere Cinema production for Julian Jarrold’s film “Bridehsead Revisited,” contributing as an assistant make-up artist.

Advertising Creativity and Fashion

The year also saw my participation in several advertising projects. I had the pleasure of working with the Eric Elenbaas agency on the John Miller collection, where I collaborated with photographer Paul Berends and Art Director Rob Truijen. Another significant project was the “Latitude 45” advertising campaign for Moda 5 srl, led by photographer Silvano Bacciardi and with actor Alberto Rossi as testimonial. These experiences have strengthened my skills in fashion-related make-up and hair styling.

Innovation in Documentary and Body-Painting

A unique experience was participating in the historical documentary on Venice, “The Creative Experience Company,” directed by Anthony Wilkinson, where I worked as an assistant make-up artist and hair stylist. Finally, the year ended with a creative breakthrough, where I explored the art of body-painting at the 8th International Fair “des Mascareignes” on Reunion Island, demonstrating versatility and artistic innovation.

Conclusion: A Year of Challenges and Artistic Growth

2007 was a year of significant professional challenges and artistic growth in the field of make-up and hair styling. Each project has helped shape my professional identity, ranging from film to fashion, from advertising to body-painting. These work experiences have enriched my portfolio, testifying to a rich and varied artistic journey.

A Journey through Time: Portfolio of Work Experience (2006)

The Art of Makeup and Hairstyling in Film and Television Productions.

In 2006, my career path as a make-up artist and hair stylist touched several areas of entertainment and advertising. My adventure began with RAI SAT, working as a make-up artist for guests such as Eugenio Scalfaro and Angelo Scola, under the direction of Luca Nannini and the production of Scialpi’Studios. This experience in St. George, VE, laid the foundation for my career.

Work Experience in Film and Television

The film world featured me as a key make-up artist and hair stylist in the film “The Fakir of Venice,” directed by Anand Surapur and produced by Phat Phish Films Pvt. Ltd. The Venetian setting provided the perfect setting for this Indian production. In addition, I contributed to Paolo Franco’s short film “May 23,” in Corva di Azzano Decimo, bringing my experience in the field.

Television has been no different. I worked with Kevin Granahan on several productions, including the McDonald’s Nutrition Announcement event in Turin, with guests such as Jacques Rogge and Stefania Belmondo. Another significant collaboration was with Bavaria Film for a photo shoot of the German TV series “Inga Lindstroem.”

Advertising and Other Projects

My talents also extended into the field of advertising. I have worked for the “Sobranie Slims” brand of Kazakhstan’s Saatch&Saatch, and for major campaigns such as Telefonia Wind with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo in Mestre and Samsung HD in Murano, VE.

Special Events and Festivals

A highlight was my participation in the opening of MSC Music, with godmother Sofia Loren, and the technical organization of the Italian Body-painting Festival at Lake Garda. These experiences have further enriched my portfolio.

Conclusion: A Year of Successes and Challenges

The year 2005 was a year of professional growth, with projects ranging from cinematography to advertising, from television to special events. Each experience has helped shape my skills and passion for the art of make-up and hairstyling, making me a versatile and sought-after professional in my field.

Work Experience in Make-Up and Hair Styling: Portfolio 2005

A Creative Journey Through Italy and Beyond

In 2005, the world of aesthetics and styling experienced a significant evolution, evidenced by my professional experiences. This portfolio is a narrative of my creative adventures, where my passion for the art of make-up and hairstyling has merged with the dynamism of the audiovisual and theatrical industries.

Albatros Film&Video: The Charm of Advertising

As Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist for Albatros Film&Video in Milan, I helped create extraordinary looks for the WHO’S WHO advertising campaign. Working with director Jacopo Tartarone and producer Anna Astori was an enriching experience, challenging my creativity.

Videe Production: Style Forecasts

In Venice, Treviso and Pordenone, I had the role of Key Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist for the pilot of “Faschion Weather Forecast.” Collaborating with director Anita Sieff has opened new expressive frontiers in my work.

RAISAT: Art Live

The opening of the 51st Venice Art Biennale with RAISAT featured me as a Make-up Artist, working closely with directors Arrigo Benedetti and Mario Garofano. An event that combined art and television in a unique setting.

SOME TV: Music and Image

In the world of music videos, I collaborated with SOME TV for singer Patrizio Buanne. My role as Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist was crucial in defining the artist’s image in the Rome and Naples locations.

Cultural Event Consulting International: A Night in Doha

For the theatrical event “The History of Venice Carnival” in Doha, I had the honor of working as Key Make-up and Hair Stylist for the show dedicated to the Emir of Qatar. An experience that fused history, art, and diplomacy.

VIDEE Production: Short Story

Back in Italy, I worked in Pordenone as Key Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist for the short film “Under the Skin” by Clara Salgado. A project that highlighted my artistic versatility.

Plaza Films: International Advertising

Working as a Hair Stylist for the Hahn Beer advertisement in Australia, under the direction of Paul Middleditch, was an experience that combined Italian art with the international market.

Seven Hills Production: In the Heart of Cinema

Assistant Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist for the film “Libertas” by Veljco Bulajic, I explored film art in the historic cities of Venice and Florence.

Albatros Film&Video: Return to the Origins

Another project with Albatros Film&Video saw me again in the role of Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist for WHO’S WHO, working with talents such as photographer Giancarlo Cornalea.

Deloux Productions: Film Challenges.

As an assistant Make-up artist for “The Merchant of Venice,” I honed my skills in filmmaking, working with director Michael Radford.

RAISAT: Art and Television

A return with RAISAT for the opening of the 51st Venice Art Biennale closed the year, consolidating my experience in the field.

The year 2005 was a year of professional and artistic growth. Each project has enriched my journey, leaving an indelible imprint on my career as a make-up artist and hair stylist.

The Art of My Touch: A Journey into My Career as a Make-Up Artist in 2004.


Subtitle: EMI Music Italy SPA – Uniting Music and Beauty

In my career as a make-up artist, I had the honor of working for EMI Music Italy SPA in the photo shoot for the cover of the new CD of “Prozac +.” In this experience in Pordenone, I combined my passion for the art of makeup with the expressive power of music, creating an image that perfectly reflected the spirit of the album.


Noise Footwear – Elegance and Style in Make-Up

For Noise Footwear’s Fall-Winter 2004/2005 campaign, I showcased my skills as both a make-up artist and hair stylist. In Treviso, I had the opportunity to match my art with fashion trends, helping to create a sophisticated and fashionable image for the collection.


Walt Disney Production – Behind the Scenes of a Film

My adventure with Walt Disney Production saw me assist in the make-up for Lasse Halstrom’s film “The Casanova.” Working in the historic locations of Venice and Vicenza was a formative experience, where I was able to learn and grow professionally in the world of filmmaking.


Biennial Dance 2004 DMT – The Art of Bodypainting in Ballet

At the Teatro alle Tese in Venice, for the 2004 DMT Dance Biennale, I explored the art of bodypainting with Ballett De Loraine. Under the guidance of Karole Armitage, I transformed the dancers into living canvases, blending make-up and movement into a unique artistic expression.


Optics Italia srl – Reflections of Beauty

For the Fall-Winter campaign of spaccio Occhiali, photographed by Stefano Bertolucci, I did the makeup and hairstyles. In the scenic Brenta Riviera, I worked to enhance not only the glasses but also the natural beauty of the models.

The Barber of Seville – Opera as a Canvas for Make-Up

In the opera “The Barber of Seville,” I had the privilege of being the main make-up artist. Working in Treviso and Gorizia, I collaborated with costume designer Pasquale Grossi and director Italo Nuziata, bringing the characters to life through my makeup.

Ballin Footwear – Union of Fashion and Art

In the Fall-Winter 2004/2005 campaign for Ballin Calzature, once again alongside Stefano Bertolucci, I created looks that reflected the elegance and style of the shoes, emphasizing their beauty and innovative design.

Andrew Mackanzie – Creativity in Body-Painting

For Andrew Mackanzie’s 2005 summer collection in Milan, I explored the world of body-painting, combining it with high-end fashion. My art added a unique dimension to the parade, creating an atmosphere of pure innovation and creativity.

AIOLC – My Touch in Lyric Opera

In the tour of the opera “The Wings of Daedalus,” directed by Maurizio Squillante, I showcased my skills as a make-up artist and hair stylist. From Rome to Turin, I helped create a magical and evocative atmosphere, enriching each scene with my work.

Kiara Jewelry – Body-Painting in High Fashion

In Taormina, for “La Kore (The Oscars of Fashion),” I had the unique opportunity to create body-painting for a jewelry show. My art has aggi

Work experience 2003

Gymnasium – Fall-Winter 2003/2004 Collection

For Gymnasium’s renowned GymGirl line, I had the opportunity to work as a make-up artist and hair stylist. My experience helped create a distinctive look for the Fall-Winter 2003/2004 women’s collection advertising campaign. The photo session took place in Treviso, Italy, where I skillfully combined innovative techniques with classic styles to highlight the versatility and elegance of GymGirl garments.


RAISAT – 50th Venice Art Biennale

During the opening of the 50th Venice Art Biennale, I served as a make-up artist for RAISAT. I worked closely with journalist Michela Moro and various distinguished guests including directors, curators, critics and artists. My make-up skills helped enhance the televised presence of the guests, adding a touch of sophistication and professionalism to the event, held in the historic city of Venice.


Theater at the Paper Mill – Madley by “THE Cats”

At the Teatro alla Cartiera in Rovereto, Italy, I combined my skills as a make-up artist and body-painter for the show “Madley” from THE Cats. Working closely with choreographer Francesca Manfrini, I created avant-garde looks that visually enriched the show, contributing significantly to the success of the National Golden Curtain Competition.

FRANCE 3 – French Program

Working for FRANCE 3, I had the privilege of being the make-up artist for presenter and journalist Olivier Barrot. This experience has included programs broadcast on France3, TV5 and in Quebec. My role was crucial in ensuring that the presenter appeared flawless on screen, enhancing his stage presence and professionalism during the filming in Venice.


Ad Arte Productions – “East Wind”

For the short film “Vento dell’Est,” directed by Maurizio Dal Corso Linetti and produced by Ad Arte Produzioni, I served as make-up artist and hair stylist. Shot in Ballò di Mirano, TV, Italy, I used my talents to transform the actors, accentuating the dramatic elements and atmosphere of the film through targeted stylistic choices and advanced make-up techniques.

In each of these projects, I demonstrated my ability to create distinctive looks suitable for different contexts, from fashion to film, strengthening my reputation as a top make-up artist and hair stylist.

Work experience 2002

The Living Art of Body Painting: A Year of Successes and Innovations in 2002

The Italian Body Painting Festival: A Triumph of Creativity at Ostia-Lido

The year 2002 was an extraordinary year for the body painting art scene, marked by outstanding events and major collaborations. Among them, the “Italian Body Painting Festival” left an indelible imprint. The event, hosted in Rome’s vibrant Ostia-Lido, featured the likes of Carlo Saggy, Mr. Freddy, Guido Daniele, Samantha Peluso, Amanda Thomell, Monica Bonompagni, Giorgio Landi, Maurizio Bellinzas, Inca, Miriam Artefatti, Elisa Cordella, Simona Ferri and Ennio Bettoni. These talents have turned skin into a living canvas, proving that body painting is a sophisticated and deeply expressive art form.

European Awards: An Artistic Merit at the Seeboden Festival

In the same year, the “European Body Painting Festival” featured my participation in the professional brush and sponge category. In this prestigious competition, held in Seeboden, Austria, I achieved a remarkable 4th place, confirming my talent and dedication to the art of body painting on a European scale.

Elegance Meets Art: Prestigious Collaborations in the World of Jewelry.

In the commercial field, I worked with Ag. Rita Axon as make-up artist and body painter for the presentation of jewelry of famous brands such as Bulgari, Damiani, Ghopard and Cavalli. This exclusive event was held at Villa Zanchi, an enchanting location in the province of Bergamo, where I did a striking snake-themed body painting.

Artistic Versatility: Incursions into the Fashion Industry with Altramoda Milan

I also worked with Altramoda Milan, a leading fashion company, where I demonstrated my versatility as a make-up artist and body painter. For them, I made a bold advertisement, painting a dragon tattoo on a model at the renowned Super Studio 13 in Milan.

The Year 2002: A Year of Creative Breakthroughs in Body Painting

These key moments in 2002 reflect not only my artistry, but also my ability to adapt to different needs and contexts, proving that body painting is an art that can enrich and transform any event or advertising campaign.

Work experience 2001

The Art of Make-up at the Venice Carnival

Historical and Modern Transformation in the Heart of the Carnival

Samantha Peluso, an outstanding professional in the world of make-up, brings her mastery to the Venice Carnival. Specializing in looks ranging from historical to contemporary, she works magically to transform her clients into emblematic Carnival figures. With her exclusive services offered in the prestigious setting of the Hotel Danieli and Venice’s historic palaces, Samantha creates unforgettable makeup experiences, immersing participants in the rich tradition and unique atmosphere of Carnival.

A Touch of Venetian Elegance

Through his expert hands, each face becomes a living narrative, reflecting the magnificence and splendor of the Venice Carnival. His skill not only enhances the natural beauty of each client, but also transports them back in time, evoking the city’s golden age. Samantha Peluso stands out for her ability to masterfully blend art, culture and beauty, making each experience at the Carnival an indelible memory.


Prontera Coffee: A Combination of Beauty and Culture

The Art of Make-up Meets Italian Taste in Tricase


Separately from Venetian Magic, Samantha collaborates with Prontera Caffè in Tricase, LE. Here, she combines her passion for make-up with the unique atmosphere of the Italian café, creating an environment where beauty and taste blend harmoniously.

A Complete Sensory Experience

This collaboration allows Prontera Cafe customers to enjoy not only excellent beverages, but also professional make-up advice, turning a simple coffee break into a moment of pure aesthetics and relaxation. Samantha enriches the experience at the café by bringing her artistic touch to an everyday setting.

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