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Bridal makeup, learning how to make women unique on their big day

An exciting and intense module dedicated to bridal makeup.

The course consists of theoretical and practical lessons to learn how to transform the bride’s face on her big day.
Make-up, to be truly perfect, must always match the dress worn; during the Crisam Professional Make-upAcademy ‘s bridal make-up course, all aspiring Make-up Artists will learn the basics of this enchanting world.

Students will learn how to match makeup to the style and color of the dress, not to mention the hairstyle of the protagonist.

The importance of colors for bridal makeup

When you have to make up a woman for the crowning of her dream, everything has to be perfect so as not to spoil the crowning of the day she has dreamed of since childhood.

Our teachers, explain in detail all the different variations of bridal makeup and the importance of colors to be used. It is not only necessary to take into consideration the color of the dress, but also the tone of the complexion, hair, and above all, it is necessary to respect what is the personality of the client.

No detail should be left to chance, and the professionals at our Makeup Academy know this well.

In addition to the focus on colors, there will be a class during the course dedicated to the application and use of false eyelashes, which are essential for giving a sweet and magnetic look.

Have everything under control so as not to make mistakes

On the big day, no mistakes are allowed, and a professional TRUCCER absolutely must know this. For this reason, during the module on bridal makeup, our teachers explain how to set up a client data sheet, where all the details of the makeup chosen for the wedding can be noted down.

Frenzy and excitement will characterize the hectic hours before the celebration, so it is essential to be precise, orderly and above all organized to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings during the makeup phase.

To this end, the bridal makeup course also includes a lesson on how to handle the day of the rehearsal: it is crucial on this occasion to be clear and detailed, to decide and share everything with the client and to be sure that the result pleases and convinces the client.

Let’s not forget the groom!

The bride is the undisputed star of the big day, but let’s not forget that the groom is the co-star. He, too, sometimes requires light and natural makeup so as to hide any imperfections and look perfect in photos. During our course, the makeup chapter for the groom will also be addressed

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