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Airbrushed beauty fashion makeup: learn from the professionals in the industry

Catwalks, photo shoots, high fashion shoots-these are some of the scenarios where the skills of a make-up artist are in demand. During the full course of the Crisam Professional Make-up Academy there is a module dedicated to airbrushed beauty fashion makeup. A much sought-after and appreciated technique in the industry, it allows aspiring make-up artists to express their talents by demonstrating their skills and abilities. The airbrushed beauty fashion makeup course consists of theory lessons and practical tests during which to demonstrate what has been learned.

The study of the leading instrument

The first lessons of this module will feature the airbrush. A special tool, including a kit and requiring specific attention. Each student will be presented with the entire airbrush kit, including airbrush, compressor, primers, eyeshadows and contouring. The teachers, in addition to explaining how to use this tool aimed at creating impressive and long-lasting make-ups, will illustrate how to clean and maintain it.

Using the airbrush is especially useful on runways, fashion shows and photo shoots with beauty and fashion themes. In the course of the classes, all aspiring professional make-up artists will learn how to harness the power of the airbrush to apply foundation, create light darks on the face and apply eye shadow. Learning this technique is certainly a notable and prominent added value, an achievement that few people who are neophytes in the field can claim.

The importance of perfection in beauty fashion airbrush makeup

Beauty focuses on the face of models and models, and that is precisely why makeup must be flawless. Smudges, imperfections, forgetfulness are absolutely not allowed. Thanks to the professionalism and vast experience of our academy’s makeup chorus teachers, all participants will discover how to enhance different faces and to prepare a complete beauty makeup, from a to zeta. All aspiring professional make-up artists will also have the opportunity to find out how to prepare and use stencils. At the end of the lectures in this module, all students will be invited to discover the secrets of shading for fashion and artistic makeup by first trying it on facechart and only then on the face. A truly unique and engaging experience, rich in professional content and of the highest level: the Crisam Professional Make-upAcademy ‘s makeup course aims to prepare industry professionals who can deliver excitement and satisfaction in all branches of the industry.

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