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Camouflage makeup, hiding imperfections

Camouflage is a makeup technique used to conceal skin imperfections and blemishes. Whether it’s dark circles, angiomas, vitiligo, redness, sunspots, tattoos, stretch marks, discolorations or acne, it doesn’t matter, thanks to the right techniques it is possible to make every blemish invisible. Camouflage makeup represents one of the most important techniques to know and know how to apply in order to prove yourself as a true professional Make-up Artist. The Crisam Professional Make-up Academy dedicates an entire module of classes on camouflage, precisely to impart the technical skills needed to create the perfect make-up.

The topics of the Camouflage Makeup module.

Classes on camouflage makeup are divided into both theoretical and practical aspects. Initially, products will be presented that can be used to conceal every different type of blemish, from the mundane dark circles, to a tattoo, sun spot or angioma. Product quality is crucial in order to ensure an excellent and satisfactory result. Next, color theory will be studied: an absolutely essential aspect given the wide variety of skin colors and shades. All students will learn how to handle any type of blemish, from the simplest to the most obvious. Special attention is also given to the psychology and empathy to be adopted when faced with people with major defects, especially if as a result of accidents or physical illness.

The importance of camouflage

Camouflage theory and techniques are absolutely essential notions for a professional Make-up Artist, and are the next level up from corrective makeup techniques. In-depth knowledge of camouflage makeup allows professional makeup artists to work in many fields, classic beauty and aesthetic world. In fact, camouflage is especially recommended in post-surgery periods. Thanks to camouflage, people with obvious skin defects can live more peacefully and in harmony with their bodies, without feeling like the center of others’ attention because of obvious skin alterations, especially if these are on the face. In addition, all students will receive practical advice on the use of certain products indicated for camouflage makeup and how to use them. Framing the theoretical lectures, all students will be engaged in practical exercises in order to evaluate what they have learned.

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