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Film makeup: theoretical and practical concepts

The big screen has always been the best showcase for demonstrating one’s makeup skills and abilities. Tight rhythms, ever-changing sets, lighting and special effects to be reckoned with. These are just some of the aspects that a professional Make-Up Artist needs to know when entering the world of filmmaking.
Crisam Professional Make-up Academy, in its intensive course program, offers a module on film makeup. Classes are half theoretical and half demonstrative and practical, with the common goal of imparting skills, knowledge and techniques for students to excel in this field.

The theoretical section of the film course

During these lectures, the history of the birth of photography and cinematography will be told, from the rudimentary and little-known to the creation of the first real films dating back to the late 1800s. Students will learn about the evolution of cinematography, from silent film to today’s high-tech digital film. But that’s not all. During the lectures, in order to offer an all-round preparation, the hierarchies and organization of the various departments typical of a film set will also be explained in detail.

A special focus will be devoted to the professional figure of the film makeup artist, his or her importance and the interaction he or she must have with both directors and costume designers.

Demonstration and practical lessons from the course

The first part of the module on film makeup is followed by a second interesting and rich part of demonstration and practical lessons. Students will be invited to experiment with different types of make-up for the film set. In addition to makeup sessions, different types of disguise will be addressed. From the application of beards and mustaches to the treatment of body hair; from the simulation of bruises and scratches to the actual characterization of a character.

The one on film makeup is a module to be followed very carefully, as it lays the foundation for what will be later classes on special effects.
The teachers of the course are professional, internationally recognized Make Up Artists with extensive experience on sets as well. Learning their techniques and discovering the secrets of the trade with them is a real value added for all participants in our Crisam Professional Make-up Academy course

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