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Corrective makeup, the important step for every make-up artist

The first module of the Crisam Professional Makeup Academy course covers corrective makeup. These first lessons are essential for those who want to pursue a career as a professional Make-up Artist. Before giving voice to creativity, it is, in fact, necessary to consolidate the techniques behind any type of makeup. Classes are set at both theoretical and practical levels precisely to impart the knowledge and skills needed to become excellent makeup artists.

The topics of the corrective makeup course

The first classes of our Makeup Academy, taught by internationally recognized professionals in the field, will focus on the study of facial morphology.

Each face, depending on its shape, needs different makeup so as to enhance strengths and hide flaws. When you are faced with an oval, long, round, triangular or square face, you will be perfectly able to prepare the makeup base best suited to the morphology of the face. You will learn how to correct the shapes of faces, taking advantage of basic corrective makeup techniques, from the use of light and dark to contouring and strobing.

As a second step, you will learn how to choose the most suitable foundation for different skin types and apply it evenly, correcting any dark circles and spots on the face with suitable products.
Once you have learned how to prepare the makeup base, the lessons will focus on how to enhance the strengths of different subjects. The study of the brow arch and the morphology of the eye are essential notions that we will explore in our training.

You will learn how to professionally make up all eye shapes, whether large, small, protruding or droopy.

The importance of corrective makeup is undisputed, and the professionals at Crisam Professional Makeup Academy want to pass on to their students all the knowledge they need to become serious and widely recognized professionals.

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